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CSR Performance Evaluation Results and Best CSR Practices of Chinese International Contactors 2015 Released

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Updated: 2015-12-14 10:06:01

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CSR Performance Evaluation Results of Chinese International Contactors 2015 were unveiled on May 31, in which 16 leading enterprises, 15 growth-oriented enterprises and 16 best CSR practices were identified. The 16 leading CSR enterprises which have showcased the leading CSR performance among Chinese international contractors include:

1、China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited

2、China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.

3、Weihai International Economic &Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd.

4、Beijing Construction Engineering Group 

5、China National Machinery Industry Corporation

6、China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.

7、China Communications Construction Company Ltd.


9、China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation

10、YunNan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

11、China Machinery Engineering Corporation

12、China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd.

13、China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation

14、China Geo-Engineering Corporation 

15、China Road and Bridge Corporation

16、China National Technical Import and Export Corporation

The 15 growth-oriented enterprises identified in “CSR Performance Evaluation Results of Chinese International Contactors 2015” are: 

1、China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group CO., Ltd.

2、Qingjian Group Co., Ltd.

3、NORINCO International Cooperation Ltd.

4、China SFECO Group

5、XPCC Construction & Engineering (Group)Co., Ltd.

6、Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd.

7、China Shenyang International Economic & Technical Cooperation Corporation, Ltd.

8、Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd.

9、Shandong Highway Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd.

10、China WUYI Industrial Co., Ltd.

11、China National Corporation for Overseas Economic Cooperation

12、Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Ltd

13、China Railway No.5 Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

14、Sinohydro Corporation Engineering Bureau 15 Co., Ltd.

15、Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd.

Moreover, the 16 best CSR practices of Chinese international contactors for the year 2015 include: 

1、Probing into culture-led CSR management mode

(China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd.)

2、Forging characteristic safety management under a mindset of equality and diversify

(Sinohydro Corporation Engineering Bureau 15 Co., Ltd.)

3、Building high-quality projects through strict quality control 

(China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd.)

4、High quality ensures excellent works – indestructibility in Nepal earthquake

(China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation)

5、Psychological health management for overseas employees 

(YunNan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.)

6、Ushering in a new life for expatriates through localization management

(China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.)

7、Fostering the corporate culture of a multinational enterprise

(Beijing Construction Engineering Group)

8、Offering training to owner's engineers to maximize customers’ rights and interests 

(China National Technical Import and Export Corporation)

9、Integrating global resources for excellent works

(China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd.)

10、Strengthening localized cooperation to drive the development of suppliers

(China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation)

11、Exercising strict control over environmental impacts of construction works through innovative application of science and technologies 

(China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.)

12、Protecting bio-diversity through well-designed railway programs 

(China Road and Bridge Corporation)

13、Setting up the lab in time for war against Ebola 

(Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd.)

14、Advocating CSRs and creating a happy community through diversified measures 

(China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.)

15、Improving local food production with advance agricultural technologies of China


16、Solving water use for construction works to benefit the local community 

(China WUYI Industrial Co., Ltd.)

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