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New Platform Set up for More Fruitful International Cooperation in Infrastructure Construction

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Updated: 2015-08-25 09:35:32

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On the afternoon of June 5, the press conference of the 6th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (IIICF) was held at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. Mr. Fang Qiuchen, President of the China International Contractors Association, Mr. Sou Tim Peng, Director of the Economic Services of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, Mr. Xu Yingzhen, Commercial Counselor with the Department of American and Oceanian Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Teng Hanchang, Director- General of the Macau Construction Association, attended the press conference and answered reporters' questions. More than 50 reporters of some 40 media attended the press conference; they include the CCTV, the China National Radio, the China News Service, the Phoenix Satellite Television, the Macau TV Station, and the Macau Asia Satellite Television.

Mr. Fang Qiuchen spoke highly of the level of IIICF participants and introduced fruits harvested. Participants include Helio Fallas Venegas, Vice President of Costa Rica, Philip E. Brave Davis, Deputy Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Bahamas , and 44 other government officials at or above the vice-ministerial level from 36 countries and regions, as well as more than 1,000 people representing 30-odd international financial institutions and 500-odd international contractors, consulting service organs, industrial organizations, equipment manufacturing businesses. According to President Fang, the IIICF, featuring a high level of government and professional participants, has yielded fruitful results, which he said is a boon for the development of international infrastructure investment and construction. During the forum, for the purpose of the implementation of the “One Belt One Road” strategy and mutually benefit-oriented cooperation, more than 10 ministers of infrastructure from the countries along the “One Belt One Road” were invited to attend. They presented their plans and key projects. CEOs of a number of international financial institutions including the Asian Development Bank, the China Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Export-Import Bank of China, and the Bank of China, as well as heads of the China State Construction, the China Communications Construction Company Limited, the China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, and the Power Construction Corporation of China, carried on an effective coordination and connection concerning the issues of financing mechanisms, product innovation, norms, standards and operation related to OBOR (One Belt One Road) cooperative projects to promote a diversified cooperation among project owners, investors, bankers and contractors.

Cooperation in infrastructure construction which would come as a result of regional economic integration is much discussed at the IIICF. During the forum, the First China-CELAC Infrastructure Cooperation Forum, the Ministerial Meeting on Infrastructure between China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries, the seminars for investing in the United States, and the round-table conference between Chinese and South Korean international contractors were also held, activities which enriched contents of the forum and brought the forum to a higher level in terms of international cooperation. In the meantime, they created various businesses markets.

According to Mr. Fang Qiuchen, in only two days, 36 special activities were held during the IIICF including keynote speeches, parallel forums, business banquets, round-table dialogues and press conferences; there were also arrangements for some 120 business talks and news gatherings; 11 cooperation agreements were signed with the agreement to the tune of more than US$ 2.5 billion. Results of the Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Evaluation of China’s Foreign Contracted Projects in 2015 were released, with 16 of China’s international contractors becoming “outstanding enterprises in terms of social responsibility”.

Mr. Sou Tim Peng, Director of the Economic Services of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, briefed the participants on the economic situation in Macao in recent years. Besides, he also gave a presentation of the role of the exhibition business in Macao, , the IIICF, and Macao’s regional business and trade platform in boosting the moderate diversification of Macao’s economy and international infrastructure cooperation. Mr. Xu Yingzhen, Commercial Counselor of the Department of the American and Oceanian Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced the activities held during the China-CELAC Infrastructure Cooperation Forum and the results it yields. Teng Hanchang, Director General of the Macau Construction Association, expressed his confidence for the role the 6th IIICF could have for the infrastructure industry in Macao.

Finally, President Fang Qiuchen concluded the meeting with a cordial invitation of those in international business and the media to attend the 7th IIICF to be held on June 2-3, 2016 in Macao.

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