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The Agenda of the 10th IIICF(20190430)

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Updated: 2019-04-16 20:52:57

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1. Date, Venue and Size

Date: May 30-31, 2019 (Registration on May 29)

Venue: Venetian Hotel Macao

2. Endorsers and Organizers


Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China

Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region of P. R. China

Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR


China International Contractors Association

Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute

3. Theme of the 10th IIICF

Promoting Quality and Sustainable Development of International Infrastructure.

4. Preliminary Agenda of the 10th IIICF

Day 1 May 29

09:30-21:30, Registration

14:30-15:50, Official Launch of the Mainland China-Macao Belt and Road Business and Professional Services Council (BRBPSC)

19:00-20:30, VVIP Dinner/Welcome Dinner

Day 2 May 30

08:00-09:00, Breakfast Buffet

09:00-09:30, Exhibition Visit

10:00-10:25, Opening Ceremony

10:25-11:15, Keynote Speeches

11:15-11:30, Launching Ceremony

11:30-12:30, Dialogue with Senior Management from MDBs: Investment in Quality and Sustainable Infrastructure

Currently, all international financial institutions commit to promote investment in infrastructures with focus on both quantity and quality. Compared with former investment models, what aspects should be paid close attention to when investing in quality and sustainable infrastructures? How can stakeholders strengthen quality and sustainable infrastructure projects pipeline, and how to maximize the quality of investment? How to further collaborations among the existing and new MDBs for implementing the Joint Declaration of Aspirations on Actions to Support Infrastructure Investment which was released before G20 Hangzhou Summit, thus realizing quantitative ambitions for high-quality infrastructure projects? 

12:30-13:30 Buffet Luncheon

13:50-15:20 Keynote Forum: Pursuing for Quality and Sustainable Infrastructure - from Goals to Practice

The growth of economy and society depends on quality and sustainable infrastructures. As a major domain in sustainable development, quality infrastructure was highlighted in the UN Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for the first time, which mirrors the world attaches great importance to quality and sustainable infrastructure development. Against this background, how should stakeholders define and evaluate quality infrastructures? How to ensure high complementarity between quality and sustainability? What goals are set for achieving quality infrastructure development? How to make revolutionary changes on the development philosophy, institutional mechanism, business models, and science & technology, etc., so as to further propel quality and sustainable infrastructure development?

15:20-15:40 Tea Break and Networking

15:40-17:30 The 5th China-LAC Infrastructure Forum

15:40-16:00 Opening Ceremony

16:00-17:30 Program 1: China-LAC Infrastructure Cooperation towards Quality and Sustainable Development

At present, LAC region is going through a crucial period featuring industrial upgrading and economic transformation. All countries in this region focus on delivering quality and sustainable infrastructures. It estimated that the demand of infra investment will surpass 1.3 trillion USD in 2011-2040. China, with rich experience in construction, has great collaborative potential with LAC countries in connected infrastructure sectors such as transport, business logistics, warehouse facilities, energy and electric power, water conservancy projects, as well as machinery manufacturing, etc. As China-LAC cooperation enters a new era, both parties are expected to further innovate in cooperative models, enhance cooperation levels, rise to the challenges, and jointly push forward building the new vision of China-LAC quality cooperation on infrastructures.

14:00-16:30 International Association Chairman’s Forum

The international associations in various countries play an important role in the global infrastructure cooperation. The presidents of international associations from more than 20 countries and regions will be invited to this forum to introduce the status quo of infrastructure development and cooperation projects in their respective countries and regions, discuss industry development trends and hot issues, as well as promote mutually beneficial cooperation for member companies through close ties among international associations.

19:00-20:30 The 10th IIICF Anniversary Night

Day 3 (May 31)

08:00-09:00 Buffet Breakfast/Breakfast

09:30-12:00 Parallel Forums

Parallel Forum 1: Energy Transition and International Cooperation on New Energy Resources

In recent years, as the international community paid more attention to issues of energy resource security, ecological environment protection and climate change, governments around the world have reached consensus and taken actions on accelerating the development and utilization of new energy resources represented by wind power and solar energy, thus the global new energy industry has shown a high-speed development trend. It is expected that by 2050, new energy sources, mainly wind power and solar energy, will contribute to 40% of the total power generation. In this context, international cooperation in the following fields including energy transition, institutional mechanisms, business models and technological innovation, should be vigorously carried out in the new energy industry, so as to further promote quality and sustainable development of the global new energy industry.

Parallel Forum 2: Coordinated Development of Rail Transit and Metropolitan Circle

Urban rail transit has such remarkable characteristics as large traffic volume, punctuality, high safety and environmental protection. When planning a modern city, governments in various countries often adopt the principle of moderate advance of traffic, take overall consideration of the layout of urban rail transit network in metropolitan area, and build up one-hour urban commuting circle with rail transit as the backbone. Focusing on rail transit planning, this forum will discuss in depth about how to guide the intelligent development of transportation, optimize the urban pattern and create the metropolitan circle on track, so as to realize the benign interaction between rail transit and urban development & people’s needs of convenient travel for the sustainable development of the cities.

Parallel Forum 3: Innovation and Cooperation Promote Sustainable Infrastructure in Belt & Road Initiative

As sustainability is getting increasing attention by governments and financial institutes, sustainable infrastructure will become a direction for the future in the international markets. It is also a strategic demand for companies to implement the Belt & Road Initiative and strengthen their competitiveness in the global market. Today, there has been a lot of progress in sustainable finance, standardization cooperation, collaboration in third-markets and technical innovation. These latest progresses have shown new opportunities for the development of sustainable infrastructure. Governments, financial institutes and companies could all play a role to embrace the new opportunities and challenges through collaboration and further promote sustainable infrastructure in the Belt & Road Initiative.

Parallel Forum 4: From the Belt and Road to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: Opportunities and Challenges of Infrastructure Connectivity

Infrastructure connectivity is crucial to regional economic and social developments. Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is an important node area which is connected to the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Improving infrastructure construction, keeping channels of communications accessible and upgrading the level of internal connectivity are not only needed for the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area but are also vital in supporting the completion of the Belt and Road infrastructure projects. To build an efficient infrastructure network and to improve the connectivity and the control of various risks amid great differences in resources, development demands, technical standards and cultural concepts in these cities and countries along the Belt and Road Initiative will be the key to successfully and smoothly completing the related infrastructure projects.

Parallel Forum 5: Enhancing Collaboration along Industrial Chains to Serve Quality Infrastructure Development

Collaboration between upstream and downstream companies along the industry chain is essential for them to coordinate resources, accelerate their transformation and upgrading, and enhance their overall competitiveness. The machinery equipment manufacturers, as one major participating role in the infrastructure industry, have paid greater attention on how to push forward their trans-boundary cooperation to a higher quality development. This forum will explore new trans-boundary cooperation modes to promote quality infrastructure development by discussing the issues on: the layout of the whole industrial chain of engineering enterprises, the selection, purchase, transportation and on-site management of mechanical equipment and materials, the collaboration of financial leasing and supply chain of mechanical equipment, the impact of technological innovations such as digitization, intellectualization and networking on infrastructure, etc.

Parallel Forum 6: Conference of Central Bankers, Financial Supervisors and Financiers from China and Portuguese-speaking Countries

Close cooperation among Central Banks and financial institutions from China and Portuguese-speaking countries (PSCs) plays an important role in promoting their economic and financial developments. Central bank officials, senior management and financiers of major banks from China and PSCs are invited not only to share their experiences in financial developments but also to explore future cooperation opportunities in this Conference in Macao. This Conference will promote the comprehensive financial cooperation among China, PSCs and Macao, allowing Macao to give full play of its function as a financial services platform between China and PSCs.

12:30-13:30 Buffet Luncheon/Luncheon

14:00-16:30 The 5th China-LAC Infrastructure Forum

Program 2: New Prospect of China-LAC Infrastructure Cooperation

Infrastructure investment and construction is a major area with greatest growth potential in China-LAC economic and trade cooperation. LAC region has become the second largest recipient of China’s overseas investments and third largest market for Chinese companies engaging in contracting projects. At present, China and LAC countries are expanding cooperation in infrastructures from construction to industrial park building, industry planning and production capacity, etc. The approaches of cooperation have also expanded from the engineering contracting to construction plus operations. PPP, BOT and other project financing models are being implemented, with M&A and direct investments increasing remarkably. China-LAC infrastructure cooperation has entered the new stage of quality development.

14:00-16:30 Parallel Forum

Parallel Forum 7: Development and Management Practice of International Engineering Contracts

As the core of the international engineering project management, the international engineering contract embodies the laws, regulations and customary rules of the infrastructure construction market, regulates the rights and obligations of all stakeholders, and also determines the cooperation mode of all parties. At present, what are the different systems of engineering contract and what development prospects will it face in the future? How to deepen the understanding of engineering standard contract model and improve the ability of negotiation and risk identification of international engineering contract? In order to improve the quality and sustainable development of projects, what are the best practices of contract management worth sharing in the process of contract preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects? 

Parallel Forum 8: China-UK Infrastructure Cooperation Forum- Opportunities in South East Asia and the UK

This Forum builds on the UK-China Infrastructure Alliance announced by President Xi Jinping and the UK Prime Minister during President Xi's State Visit to the UK in 2015. Sustainability considerations are critical to infrastructure delivery across the project lifecycle and to achieving broad-based economic development. This Forum will showcase how combining UK, Chinese and host country technical expertise and investment can reshape the way infrastructure is financed and delivered in emerging markets, with a particular focus on trilateral collaboration in Southeast Asia. Expert speakers will present successful case studies deploying innovative collaboration models and technologies, and participants will be introduced to the range of UK government programmes and instruments which aim to establish high standards, diversify financing sources and support project preparation for infrastructure in emerging markets.

Parallel Forum 9: Maximizing the Role of Finance in Promoting Practical Cooperation between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries- Focusing on Project Investment and Financing, Sharing Successful Experience and Exploring Cooperation Mode

In recent years, the cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries in energy, transportation, agriculture and other fields has driven the rapid development of infrastructure construction cooperation. A series of cooperation projects in electricity, ports and agriculture have achieved positive results, which have played an exemplary role in future cooperation of two parties. Project investment and financing is the key and primary factor of cooperation. Government authorities, financial institutions, funds and industry representatives from China, Macao SAR (China) and Portuguese-speaking countries will probe into project investment and financing issues, trying to find common elements that can be replicated from successful cases, and to explore different modes of cooperation.

14:00-16:30 Private Business Meetings (by request or self-arrangement)

16:30-17:00 Signing Ceremony

17:00-17:45 Press Conference

Exhibition will be held concurrently with the 10th IIICF.

(This Master Agenda is subject to change and updates shall be available at

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